So, You Plan to Adopt a Kitten? Think About Adopting an Adult Cat Instead!

26. 05. 2020

1.      Stable personality

All kittens are the same – they play, they destroy things and you can never know whether they will grow up to be rascals or calm, cuddly kitties. On the other hand, an adult cat already has a stable personality – we know if she likes other animals or not, if she likes to sleep at human’s feet or on his head (or none of this options because she prefers her royal cat bed). We know if she’s active and wins imaginary races from the living room to the bathroom every day or if she prefers lying around all day and interrupts it only for food. We know if she prefers being at home or enjoys going outside and if she likes to cuddle or prefers just watching others from a distance.

2.      Less damage (both to your property and to your body)

No chewed shoes, no broken blind cords, no ripped curtains you got from your grandmother. An adult cat no longer feels the need to train her abilities and skills on your things, your big toes will be safe from her quick attacks while under the duvet and the living room won’t be under attack because of the hunt for invisible mice each night.

3.  They need less attention

Adult cats don’t need as much attention as kittens. They don’t need anything else to be happy than a mouse toy filled with catnip, cuddles from hoomans while watching a favourite TV show on the couch, and assisting in the kitchen from time to time in hope of getting something good to eat. A kitten, especially if he’s the only cat and waiting impatiently all day for the moment you return home, sometimes demands attention in a painful way including sharp claws and teeth. And if you have two kittens, they love to make up for all the daily inactivity during the night.

in conclusion

Choose the cat member of your family while having your limitations and her/his character in mind, not according to the level of cuteness in a photo. Let the aunties in shelters give you an advice, they know the animals in their care the best and will gladly tell you all you need to know about the particular animal. They can tell you vital information such as if the cat is comfortable with having other cats (or dogs) around, if she’s suitable for a family with children or it would be better for her to live with an older lady and keep her company while watching TV. Additionally, they can tell you what does the cat prefer, if she likes to be active a lot or sleeps most of the time and much more.

Cats normally live for 15-20 years, and kitties younger than 10 years are the most frequent age group in shelters. Therefore, you don’t have to fear at all to adopt, for example, a 7 years old cat!

If you’re looking for a cuddly friend who’s not demanding, give an adult cat a chance! 


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